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Ying-ying fan

Ying-ying fan

Assistant International Applied Behavior Analyst (BCaBA)

Graduate student in child developmental Psychology, Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Special Education, Changchun University

She has been training in autism rehabilitation therapy for 10 years

Director and teaching supervisor of starry Sky Half Step Teaching and Research Group

In 2013, he joined star Education Research Center.

Main teaching courses: individual training courses, group classes, early intensive intervention EIBI courses, 1+1 courses, IPT parent training courses, VB-MAPP assessment.

In 2017, obtained the Assistant International Applied Behavior Analyst (BCaBA) License.

In 2018, served as a training lecturer of STAR international VB-MAPP Evaluation.

In 2019, served as a training lecturer of Star international Carolina Special Education Course.

In 2020, participate in the recording of the parent training video "Stop School without Stopping school" during the epidemic.