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Ren Jing yan

Ren Jing yan

Graduated from School of Special Education, Beijing Union University, majoring in education

He began teaching autism rehabilitation in 2008

Joined star Education Research Center in 2013.

Main teaching courses: 1+1 course, 1+2 course, group course.

Responsible for the center teaching supervision affairs.

In 2013, he joined star Education Research Center.

In 2013, under the leadership of Teacher Zhang Miaomiao, I compiled the group course textbook.

From 2016 to 2017, I was responsible for the research, development and production of teaching AIDS.

The language and social curriculum syllabus will be submitted in 2020, and relevant textbooks are under preparation.

In 2020, participate in the recording of the parent training video "Stop School without Stopping school" during the epidemic.