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Zhang miao miao

Zhang miao miao

Zhang Miaomiao: My sense of accomplishment is not that I have students all over the world, but that my students can experience real happiness

● Miamiao Zhang, M.ED.Sc., council certified Behavioral Analyst (BCBA), graduated from the University of Hong Kong in 2004 with a Master's degree in Medical sciences, and later worked at Columbia University's first autistic children Treatment Center in Asia. He returned to China in 2006.

Director of Star Education Research Center (2012 till now)

Chairman of China Branch of International Association for Behavioral Analysis (2015-present)

Executive Vice Chairman and secretary General of Applied Behavior Analysis Committee of China Association for Disabled Persons' Rehabilitation (2015-present)

Aba-cardp Committee Certified Applied Behavioral Analyst Theory Course Leader and Lecturer (2016-present)

Ms. Zhang has spoken at the Chinese Academic Conference on Applied Behavioral Analysis. Her registered behavioral Analysts Hand-in-Hand Lectures regularly deliver applied behavioral analysis lectures to parents with special educational needs in Beijing and Shanghai.

At the invitation of China Disabled Persons' Federation, Ms. Zhang has also attended expert meetings in the field of autism and participated in the compilation of books on autism knowledge and treatment and education methods. Since 2012, Ms. Zhang has been invited by the Beijing Disabled Persons' Federation to conduct annual assessment meetings for autism projects for two consecutive years.

● Zhang Miao Miao's words: After graduation, treating autistic children is my first job. At the very beginning, I knew it would be a job I have always wanted to do and would not put down. So far, I have worked for eight years. Over the course of eight years, I traveled from Hong Kong to Beijing, from institution to kindergarten, and finally found the courage to open my own "Starry Sky" education research center with the support of my family, parents and friends. The purpose is to have their own knowledge as much as possible to influence the people around, so that parents worry less, students more progress. I've been telling therapists I've taught that the special education industry needs therapists themselves to be very sunny, and that our sense of accomplishment is not that we have lots of students, but that my students experience real happiness and build Bridges with the people around them. I hope we can work together and shine brightly under the stars.