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Make time give meaning to life

Founded in 2010, Star Education Research Center is China's first autism special education research institution with a registered behavioral analyst. The Centre provides professional counselling, assessment, treatment and referral services mainly to individuals and groups with special educational needs, as well as counselling and continuing training services for institutions and practitioners who will or are engaged in child development training and related special education.


  • Excellent faculty

    Excellent faculty

    Frontline teachers with rich experience

  • Mature curriculum system

    Mature curriculum system

    Modular, pluralistic, hierarchical and phased

  • Family education assistance

    Family education assistance

    Teachers will communicate with parents after class

  • Professional competence

    Professional competence

    Professional autism special education research institute

Enrolment process for children

Cultivate with your heart and wait for the flowers to bloom

  • Teacher consultation to answer questions

    Teacher consultation to answer questions

  • Arrive at school to try a lesson, preliminary evaluation

    Arrive at school to try a lesson, preliminary evaluation

  • VB-MAPP assessment

    VB-MAPP assessment

  • Implement an intervention plan

    Implement an intervention plan

  • Track record

    Track record

  • Harvest progress

    Harvest progress

Eight guarantees, rest assured choice

Starry night half step, let the time to give life meaning

  • Teacher strict choice

    Teacher strict choice

    Each teacher has a corresponding certificate

  • Free trial class

    Free trial class

    Try the course first and charge after you feel satisfied

  • Environmental protection

    Environmental protection

    Environmental protection decoration, give children a comfortable environment

  • Support after class

    Support after class

    Communicate after each class, enjoy the progress of WeChat group, professional guidance, there are questions to answer

  • Fresh air

    Fresh air

    Fresh air system, real-time monitoring of air quality

  • Nutrition canteen

    Nutrition canteen

    The institution is equipped with a canteen for nutritious meals