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How does the child still cannot speak more than two years old? Five ways to try it


Language is one of the special tools for people to communicate with others in their daily lives.

From the very beginning, the child will listen to all kinds of voices and observe how people communicate with each other, from which language information will be acquired. Language is shaped from very simple "mother", "father"... The term is just beginning.

At the age of one and a half to three years, children enter a critical period of language development trend, and can receive a lot of external information stored in the human brain for learning, training and imitation. This requires mom and dad to engage in ear-grinding, so that the baby learns language from imitation.

Suspected that children with autism, but I think it is not, he is very dependent on one thing, call him to look at the eyes he will see, call his name sometimes ignore you sometimes ignore you. Good memory ability, more than 2 puzzles will be able to play outside with children, love to imitate children, love to play, no rigid behavior and language.

Sitting, climbing, walking, jumping and running are all normal, and the human body is very flexible.

But his cognitive ability is very poor, to point to anything not easy, all is to take your hand to take, or to put your hand.

It seemed that he could not understand simple commands. He was a little better at teaching him how to recognize objects and what children's picture books he could not concentrate on.

From 2 years old just began to worry, all kinds of inner sad, pressure me suffocate. Considering whether it is necessary to put him in the children's home or a small class around the house, but I am afraid that he will not speak and be bullied, and the school may not accept him.

Dealing with language retardation in children

Believe that many mothers are anxious

Do the following with your baby to help your language growth and development

Method 1: Talk, talk, talk

Keep an eye on! This is not to motivate you to become a ramshackle Sanzang. What you need to do is to communicate to your children everything that happens in your daily life in a clear, precise and vivid way.

Method 2: Listen and sing together

Music is the best way for children to accept and grasp the language. In addition to learning the rhythm, they will naturally memorize the lyrics of the songs.

Therefore, allocate some time each day to listen and sing with your children. During the whole singing process, you can cooperate with each other with opposite hands to help your child understand the meaning of the song lyrics.

Step 3: Bring your kids to school together

Good picture books can not only teach children courage, honesty, diligence and love, but also serve as a good language learning classroom.

And for parents who are not good at words, storytelling is one of the best ways to teach children good forms of expression.

Step 4: Go to the zoo or SeaWorld

Take your kids to the zoo, seaWorld, and the history museum.

It's not just a matter of helping your child learn more about animals, plants, and stars. It's also a way to broaden his knowledge and arouse his curiosity. It's a good chance to improve your child's English vocabulary.

The most important thing that can be difficult for children to learn from the heart is to stimulate their true potential, so it is certainly beneficial to bring them to the outside to see more.

Approach 5: Don't miss a language outbreak

From the beginning of 19 months, the baby grasps the new vocabulary at an accelerated rate, with an average of 25 new words per month, which is the time when the vocabularies explode.

At this time of the baby but very love "eavesdrop" adult chat, what the adult say, he learn what, if you do not want the baby full mouth slang, colloquial language, and coarse language, so you must always pay attention to their own language!

The period between the ages of 0 and 5 is a crucial time in a lifetime for language development trends, so parents should not miss out on shaping them in an intrusive way.