1、Basic introduction to:

Star has been offering early intensive courses since 2014. Upgrade and optimize the progress and feedback of the course every year. EIBI courses are currently offered at three levels. They correspond to the key needs of children in the three stages of intervention. Eibi-1 focuses on language, EIBI-2 on sociability, and EIBI-3 on fusion (which is the slogan for our different stages). Step by step, let the child follow his own pace, in the ability to improve.

2、The teaching object:

Mainly for 4-7 years old vb-mapp average ability of 12M children


Improve children's visual perception and logic ability, naming ability, listener ability, demanding ability, play ability, social ability, advanced language understanding and expression ability, establish the correct use of grammar ability, academic ability of preschool, and establish classroom behavior norms.

4、Curriculum highlights:

1. Long cycle, refined customized courses, phased key intervention, and scientific intervention time allocation

2. Intensive all-round classroom guidance, tracking, continuous evaluation and plan tracking of the teaching supervision group, and real-time tracking and control of detailed stage division;

3. Stable development, steadily rising growth value of children, systematic guarantee, high use value.

5、Teaching cycle and stages:

Six to nine months

Two stages (90 days of teaching +90 days of consolidation)

Integration period: The teaching period is 90 learning days according to the child's learning progress and ability. The upgrade standard was that children's ABILITY assessment of VB-MAPP averaged 14M, no obstacle assessment score exceeded 2, and transition assessment score reached 3 or above.

Consolidation period: 90 learning days depending on the child's learning progress and ability.

6、Of course:

1h+2h (training + group) (2=40min*3)

1h+ 2H (training + group)

·One pair two training 60min 

* Thematic courses

* Picture Book School -- Green Stage

* Games -- Cooperative games

·Three to eight2h

* Society and I 40min

* Graphics and arithmetic 40min

* Text and logic 40min