Every child has the most vivid color of life

May every child's smile be accepted

POSITION:HOME Curriculum Provision

Piloting courses

1、Basic introduction to:

Provide pre-skilled EIBI courses for children aged 2-4 years

2、The teaching object:

Children 1 to 4 years of age with developmental delay or autism.

1. Unable to sit still and poor coordination

2. Poor concentration and no eye contact

3. Weak language understanding and poor instruction execution

4. Weak adaptability and emotional instability

5. Poor cognitive understanding

6. No ability of speech or imitation


1. Cultivate children's adaptability

2. Cultivate children's ability to sit comfortably and cooperate

3. Improve children's language and cognitive understanding

4. Develop children's ability to imitate

5. Develop children's physical movement ability

6. Develop children's ability of mood modulation

7. Develop children's language function

4、Curriculum highlights:

1. Real-time detection, growth and development indicators of children

2. Customized "Cognition + Movement + Speech" diversified course for children

3. Open your child's interest in learning with games

4. Table top and ground interspersed teaching to increase the fun of learning at the same time to cultivate children's good habits of learning

5. Visual process helps children adapt to early intensive curriculum and intensive intervention.

6. Intensive intervention, children's learning readiness ability of "effect + quantification"

5、Teaching cycle and stages:

Adaptation period: 60 learning days are generally recommended, mainly to help children establish learning routines, establish big action imitation, establish visual matching ability, establish independent request ability, and establish basic game ability.

6、Of course:

One-to-one precise teaching

* Exercise + cognition for 30+60min

* words 90 min