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Start flight integration teaching

1、Basic introduction to:

The integrated programme is an intensive and complementary skills programme for children aged 7-12 years who are enrolled in primary school or who have completed primary 3. The aim is to improve the core needs of children. Courses are conducted in small classes.

2、The teaching object:

5-12 year old children on the spectrum (priority is given to children aged 5 years and above who attend kindergarten)

1. Children of different lineages who lack awareness of safety in family, campus and social environment and cannot protect themselves

2. Children with weak basic family ability and inability to take care of themselves

3. Children on the spectrum with insufficient emotional regulation and appropriate behaviors and unable to self-manage

4. Children with slow intelligence development, weak concentration ability, significant learning difficulties and difficulty in autonomous learning

5. Children of the same pedigree with weak social development and prosocial behaviors, who are difficult to participate in and integrate into collective activities


There are 4 fields of integrated teaching

1. Security area

2. Areas of life

3. Academic skills

4. Social sphere

4、Curriculum highlights:

1. Provide guaranteed, life-oriented and application-oriented teaching courses

2. Multi-scene teaching and customized teaching tracking

3. Comprehensively improve life safety awareness, self-care, academic skills, appropriate behavior and interpersonal skills

4. To lay a solid foundation for children of all ages to integrate into the family living environment, school learning environment and social living environment

5、Teaching cycle and stages:

Language logic class:With the improvement of reading ability as the core, the students' language comprehension, reading ability, expression ability and writing ability will be improved.

Social skills improvement class:Centering on game activities, games and social activities are designed to improve students' ability to understand social scenes, participate in them, deal with problems, work under pressure, and think positively about their self-cognition and self-worth.

Academic ability to prepare lessons:Based on the textbooks compiled by the Starry Sky Teaching and Research Department, according to the actual ability of students, lesson preparation is conducted in the form of visual pictures, so as to improve the effect of class attendance, reduce the behavioral problems caused by incomprehension, and sort out the confidence of students in class.

* Classroom behavior management will also be embedded in all classes to improve students' classroom order and establish good learning habits by building self-management skills.

Key highlights:School-age students continue to be the escort of half step, half step teaching research and supervision team and parents and children in a collaborative way to grow together.

6、Of course:

Language logic: Improvement of social ability: Academic ability = [60min] : [60min] : [60min] : [60min]