Accompany your child every step of the way

Early screening, early diagnosis, early intervention

POSITION:HOME Evaluation system



Child side goal:

1. Milestone assessment, consisting of 170 significant learning and language milestones, spanning 3 developmental stages (0-18 months, 18-30 months and 30-48 months) in a sequential and balanced manner;

2. Assessment of impairments, including 24 impairments in learning and language proficiency commonly seen in children with autism and other developmental disabilities;

3. Transition assessment to determine whether the child has developed the skills to learn in a less restrictive educational environment.

Product highlights:

The core appeals of VB-MAPP are the ability development level, problem behavior processing and integration opportunities of children with pedigree respectively.

1. Accurately locate language skills for children's language development;

2. Comprehensive evaluation, more comprehensive teaching plan;

3. More than 1,000 research papers to make assessment and intervention more scientific;

4. Start with the round teaching and finish with the natural situation teaching, so that the learned ability can be better applied to life.

Product set:2 hours

The next step:EIBI program