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Early screening, early diagnosis, early intervention

POSITION:HOME Evaluation system

Initial consultation evaluation (Initial Consultation Assessment) EYFS

Executive:Growth consultant

Child side goal:

A curriculum - based child development tracking system for children aged 0-6 based on ordinary child development. There are seven development areas, namely: communication and language; Movement development; Personal, social and emotional development; Literacy; Mathematics; To know the world; And performance art and design, 17 skills.

Product highlights:

Help parents understand their children's learning needs comprehensively and quickly.

1. Based on the development of ordinary children;

2. Evaluation system used by the kindergarten;

3. Fill the gaps in assessment programmes designed specifically for exceptional children;

4. The teaching focus is more in line with the needs of kindergarten integration.

Product set:45-60MIN

The next step:System evaluation or VB evaluation