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Social language class

The Xing Xing Half-step Language Skills & Social Skills LV2 (hereinafter referred to as L&S LV2) focuses on the establishment of Language logic. Based on the framework of VB-Mapp, Happiness and Development, and the Carolina Curriculum's Language behavior Skills and Social games, it aims to improve the Language understanding, expression and Social Skills of children aged 3-6 in the form of group teaching.

L&S LV2 course teaching is divided into two stages: 1. Skilled building stage (5 weeks); 2. II. Skill development stage (5 weeks).

Each stage of teaching will focus on (1) language understanding and expression; (2) Social games; (3) The picture book reading is carried out in these three parts.

The course adopts rolling teaching method to provide students with sufficient learning and consolidation opportunities during the course.

Suitable for children

L Age: 3-6 years old

Language ability: children aged 2-3 years old

Sociability: Children aged 2 years or above

L Improper behavior: no obvious or frequent inappropriate behavior

L Command coordination ability: have certain sitting awareness (can sit for 8-10 minutes), can cooperate and execute general routine instructions.

Curriculum highlights

First, the seven skill areas, let the children steady and orderly improvement.

In order for children to improve in a steady and orderly way, the 10-week Star Half-step Language Understanding and Social Skills Second Order Course (L&S LV2) integrates seven skill areas: Asking, Naming, Listender Understanding, Listender Understanding - Function Speciality, Interactive Language, Social and Play.

The teaching will be conducted through 40 picture books on 11 topics and the textbooks "Language Understanding and Expression - I" and "Language Understanding and Expression - II" independently developed by Xingxing Half Bu.

Two, 11 curriculum topics, to ensure that children can learn, understand the generalization.

Star half step L&S Lv2 courses are divided into 11 theme: nice to meet you, you and I, I grow up, children love to eat vegetables, games, hi, Christmas elf, goodbye, hello, 2021, 2020 four seasons spring, red festival and New Year's got talent, combined with the red star reading class level, cultivate their interest in reading, and reading ability and the willingness to record the child.

Third, the teaching objectives of the three major topics focus on core issues such as language and social interaction, with clear intervention objectives.

(1) Language understanding and expression

1. Combine the cognitive range of small class children, master daily nouns accumulatively, and improve the naming ability of various types.

2. Establish the ability to understand and express the use of two words, and expand the use of more vocabulary combinations for expression.

3. Based on a variety of children's songs, games and contexts, establish the ability to fill in the dialogue, and further expand the complex dialogue skills.

4. Able to properly express their needs in a variety of situations, and establish the basic ability to express specific needs.

(2) Social games

1. Increase the frequency of attention to peers through game activities, and establish basic skills of social interaction.

2. Enhance the ability to actively respond to peers and further expand the social skills of peers.

(3) Code of conduct

1. Combined with the calendar, establish the independent and continuous implementation ability of classroom routines.

2. Use tokens to improve the ability of classroom rules and behavior self-management.